Our Story

We are Alberto Cabré, from San Juan, Puerto Rico and Angelina Jockovich from Barranquilla, Colombia, owners and founders of Casa B Tapas, the fruition of our shared vision.

We developed ideas, through our personal chef catering business (Tentempié) and created a test kitchen, in 2008, where we refined recipes, tested settings and established the ambiance and atmosphere that would remind us of our Caribbean homes.

The name Casa B is the combination of two words having personal significance: Casa, meaning home, the shelter where the warmth of a family is felt, the roots of a culture are shared and traditions are passed on. B, comes from Chef Alberto’s maternal grandfather’s last name, Bobonis.  Ernesto Bobonis believed in the unity of family and friends and in bringing everyone together through the irresistibility of his food, in the warmth of his home. From him, the palate was developed, recipes were learned and a passion for cooking was inherited. Therefore, in his honor, the name is carried.